Use Quickbooks Bill Pay With Confidence

Use Quickbooks Bill Pay With Confidence

Use Quickbooks Bill Pay With Confidence

Can you really trust Quickbooks to pay your bills? Bookkeepers and accountants are good at their job because they pay attention to detail. The thought of trusting software, a program, or a service to pay the bills automatically seems counter-intuitive, like trusting in magic, almost. Perhaps it will put your mind at ease to know that, according to reviews, once you connect Quickbooks with your bank account and set-up online payees, paying all those bills becomes nothing short of a breeze.

In addition to simplifying the process of paying bills, another benefit is saving money. Some vendors may offer a discount for payment before the due date. Although the discount may seem nominal, it can add up to a nice bit of savings by the end of the year.

Another way you can save money by paying bills through Quickbooks is avoiding penalties for late payment to vendors with which you have recurring charges. Never forget to pay the bill. Never worry if a statement or invoice is misplaced. Two key things to remember for managing your vendors and their bills easily with Quickbooks:

  1. Vendors with auto-debit features allows you to automate the transaction process. You don’t have to enter information for an unpaid bill. Billing and payment is completely automated.
  2. Vendors without an auto-debit feature will still require some manual labor, entering the details of an unpaid bill. Don’t delay. If you wait too long to input the information, your vendor could receive a late payment.
  3. When mistakes are made, usually it’s due to human error. The most common errors with Quickbooks bill pay are:
    • Incorrect Vendor name that the software doesn’t recognize on your Vendor List.
    • Incorrect due date entry could result in a bill due on 2/12/17 being paid 2/12/18.
    • Invoice number omission will result in confusion for everyone. A Vendor needs to know how to apply your payment.
  4. You also need to know what invoice that check covered.

Set-up your bill pay and enjoy the benefits. If you have any questions, a qualified accountant can always help assist you.

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