Our Five-Year Plan!

Our Five-Year Plan!

Our Five-Year Plan!

The first goal for the members of F & F Business Services, LLC is to become CPAs. Our company can gain a wider spectrum of clients with a CPA to sign off on financial statements and other documents that only CPAs can issue. A CPA title will give our clients more confidence because they know that it took years od experience and knowledge to get this certification.

The second goal is to become a reputable firm. Starting a company is not an easy task. Every business needs customers/clients to survive. Establishing and maintaining relationships will give our company a strong foundation to grow on. The most effective form of advertisement is word-of-mouth. We want the community to praise our work ethic and recommend us to other people and businesses.

The third goal is to become an advocate for small business owners. Even though we are not CPAs at this time, our services can still be as asset to any business. Profit and Loss reports can help pinpoint major expenses and see where costs can be minimized. This report can also help track trends to see what direction the company is going and what times of the year are the most prosperous for the company. Our services can also relieve stress for business owners by allowing us to do payroll reports and sales tax returns. Should the business receive any correspondence from the IRS, state, etc.; our company can respond and resolve the matter.

We would love to give back to the community as our fourth goal. We would like to participate in charitable functions where we give time and money to others in need. Eventually we would like to go to schools and speak to upcoming business majors so we can help them take the first steps toward success.

Once our company is large and profitable enough, we would like to provide employment for at least 10 employees. The goal is to have a team with different personalities and ways of thinking to provide uniqueness to our company. We would also like to have different departments with specific employees assigned to those departments; such as bookkeeping, tax, etc.

We are truly hoping that our goals are obtained in the next five years. With the support of family, friends, and the community, these goals will be achieved.

Contact us for bookkeeping and accounting needs! 256.705.3585

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  1. I have had the pleasure of working with Stacy for more than five years. She had filed my taxes every year.
    Stacy is great at what she does. The best thing about her is her unquestionable integrity. She is honest and hard working.

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