How to Import and Export Bank Rules in Quickbooks

How to Import and Export Bank Rules in Quickbooks

How to Import and Export Bank Rules in Quickbooks

Bank rules are a quick and easy way to categorize bank and credit card transactions in Quickbooks. Not only can they save you some time managing your incoming invoices, but they also prevent a number of typing mistakes by taking typing completely out of the equation. If you are managing invoices from multiple companies, setting up bank rules will save you some precious time you can spend not doing accounting.

Setting up Bank Rules
Bank rules are actually pretty easy to set up if you know where to look.

  • Choose “Transaction” then “Banking” from the left navigation panel on the main page
  • Select “Manage” from the upper right corner
  • Click “New” to add a new bank rule

Exporting Rules
After you have set up your new bank rules, just to the right of the button that adds the new rules is a button that allows you to export those rules. They will be gathered up in an Excel file that can be saved and imported into other accounts.

Importing Rules
If you are looking to import rules, it is a little more involved than exporting them.

  • Select “Manage” rules from the upper right corner of the “Banking” page
  • Next to the button that you use to create new rules will be one that says “Import”
  • After selecting the Excel file with your rules, choose what rules from that file you want to import or select them all and confirm the selection
  • From this next page, you can add more payees and set categories up if the rules did not include them
  • Select “Finish”

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