Four Common Tax Blunders

With tax season looming ahead, many push the work to last minute for various reasons. Whether you prepare your own or hire a tax-preparation specialist, procrastinating to the submission deadline is prime time for mistakes. In my personal experience, quality results happen with proper planning and covering all details. You need to be sure that you have all the correct information to file your taxes. If one piece of information is incorrect, it will result in correspondence with the IRS.

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Use Quickbooks Bill Pay With Confidence

The thought of trusting software, a program, or a service to pay the bills automatically seems counter-intuitive, like trusting in magic, almost. Perhaps it will put your mind at ease to know that, according to reviews, once you connect Quickbooks with your bank account and set-up online payees, paying all those bills becomes nothing short of a breeze.

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Our Five-Year Plan!

"...Every business needs customers/clients to survive. Establishing and maintaining relationships will give our company a strong foundation to grow on. The most effective form of advertisement is word-of-mouth. We want the community to praise our work ethic and recommend us to other people and businesses!"

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