4 Fresh Ways to Stay Organized at Work

4 Fresh Ways to Stay Organized at Work

There is never a bad time to freshen up routines and encourage good habits. Check out our top four tips for being organized at work in 2017.

Spend the last 30 minutes of your day planning for tomorrow

Planning and preparation are key to a successful and productive workday. Last-minute fires and interruptions are common, but carving out the last 30 minutes of your work day to plan priorities for the following day (such as making a list of to-do items) and mentally map out how you want the day to go will give you more control over your workday and workflow.

Add ‘white space’ into your day

Oftentimes there are small yet consequential tasks that don’t necessary fall into a category or label when prioritizing tasks. Creating ‘white space’ – 20-30 minute periods where you allow yourself to catch up on emails, file something away, or check-in with a co-worker on a policy – allow you to address static tasks and workplace interruptions without having them overrun your day.

Plan breaks

A quick 10 minute walk around the corporate park, parking lot or corridors can do wonders for productivity levels, your mood, and your overall health. Try taking quick 10 minute breaks at 10 AM and a 2:30 PM to stave off slumps and give your body and mind a needed break!

Turn off email

Too often we get sucked into email black holes and before you know it, an hour and a half passed and all you’ve done is generate more emails while your to-do list has doubled on its own. Once you have your tasks prioritized, set a time limit for turning off email, as long as your company policy allows, so you can whittle away your to-do list. Those emails will still be there when you log back on.

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